Couple Sex ToysDubaibesharam brings all couples a unique compilation of adult products. Each of these products is of excellent quality and has been designed to make couples enjoy their sex life.

The category “For Couples” brings an innovative variety of adult products that not only assure good results but are also quite pocket-friendly. The following products have got a sensational response from all over the Middle East.


Let’s take a look at what our couple toys category is all about:



Dubaibesharam brings this unisex product for couples who want to have a new experience. This product brings a harness and sometimes a dildo. It can be worn by any of the partners to enjoy intercourse. These are also available in both vibrating and non-vibrating forms.


Toy Cleaner

Among the couple sex toys in Dubai, there are imported toy cleaners. These cleaners are used on sex toys to stay moist against the private parts. This prevents the skin from getting infections or any other complications. These toy cleaners also comprise strong ingredients that are safe for the skin.


Anal Dildo

The beauty of anal sex lies in its intensity of being dirty. So, an anal dildo plays that magical trick in creating orgasmic pleasures right on the user’s butt. Dubaibesharam brings an amazing range of anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and even anal vibrators.


Final Words 

Dubaibesharam, therefore, makes it so simple and flexible for one to shop for high-quality adult products for couples. Most importantly, the products are all intended to excite couples for better sex life.

For any suggestions, questions, or queries, our Sales Executive is always there to assist.

Apart from selling products in Dubai, we sell products in other countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and others.