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Toy Cleaner

What is a Toy Cleaner?

A toy cleaner is a cleaning solution that is used to disinfect, clean and maintain any type of sex toy or accessory ( Buy Toy Cleaner in Dubai, UAE ). These toy cleaners comprise such ingredients that work effectively on the toy surface, making it get rid of spots, liquid stains and other contaminants.

Although the ingredients are different for different toy cleaners, the basic composition consists of a mixture of mild surfactants and deionized water. Some toy cleaners are also made with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients along with mild fragrances( Our Recommended product is Toy Cleaner ).

Dubaibesharam has the most effective and safest toy cleaners which can be used by both couples and singles

How to Use a Toy Cleaner?

If you haven’t used a toy cleaner before, don’t worry. The steps are very simple to use and follow:

  1. Take the toy and remove all its batteries
  2. Unplug it if it is still connected to the socket
  3. Get some warm water and not the regular tap water so that there is no moisture. This is not optional but advisable for a stronger cleaning
  4. Take your toy cleaner and hold it about 6 inches away from your toy. Make sure the misting is kept as light as possible.
  5. Get a dry and soft cloth to wipe off the cleaner well. If you think you need a little more cleaner, use it again and again.
  6. Once done, let the toy completely dry. After it has been dried, store it securely for your next use.


Why a Toy Cleaner is Safer than Soap and Water?

Using water and soap is common in the list of cleaning solutions. But a toy cleaner is far better option than this. As a matter of fact, tap water constitutes a good deal of minerals. So, when it is mixed with soap to form a cleaning solution, it results in residues. These residues can later become very tough to completely rinse off.

Furthermore, the piling up of such residues on a sex toy can affect its quality to a good extent. There are materials like rubber, soft skin, PVC and jelly which are very delicate. So, allowing residues to dry out on them will definitely weaken their longevity.


Dubaibesharam takes pleasure in bringing everyone the safest, effective and high-quality toy cleaners. Have a look:

Universal Toy Cleaner Now keep each and every sex toy of yours clean and toxic-free with this Universal Toy Cleaner. It can be used for toys made out of silicone, rubber, and other materials as well. This toy cleaner includes all such ingredients that would wipe off all toxins from the toy to be used.

When it comes to making contact with the private parts, it would be safe and keep the user away from any type of infections. The application procedure is quite simple and hassle-free. One has to just spray a bit exactly on the toy’s targeted surface area.

Adult Toy Cleaner  : Whether your sex toy is made of TPR, silicone or rubber, this toy cleaner will do its job with perfection. Moreover, it assures safety and effectiveness as well. The ingredients are quite powerful to keep all toys free of bacteria.

One need not worry even if this toy cleaner touches the private parts. One can apply it by spraying it exactly on the preferred area of the toy. In other words, the cleaning process is quite easier. The Adult Toy Cleaner is available in a 100ml container.