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No matter how many generations have gone by, men have never denied their propensity towards using sex toys. Although the 21st century has witnessed the advent of numerous feature-rich orgasm generating sex toys for men, the historical facts in reality date back to more than 1700 years back. Dubai Besharam, the online sex toys store in Dubai, today takes pride in serving all those men who are desperate to get back their active sex life.

The Top Male Sex Toys are Here

Before we proceed to discuss about the trending male sex toys in Dubai, we will give you a quick look about some ancient discoveries:

300 AD

A lot of men think that penis sleeve extenders are presently pulling off bulletins in the market. But it was in 300 A.D when these male enhancement tools first came into action. In fact, the tools then were made from materials like ivory, silver, leather, wood etc. Today, silicone is given the highest priority for comfort and safety.

1200 AD

Interestingly, cock rings were discovered 820 years back from today in 1200 AD. In fact, the materials used to make such items included eyelids and lashes of goats. Today, things have changed a lot as these penis rings are now mostly made of silicone.

1600 AD

This period marks the arrival of cock rings with clitoral stimulators. What’s noteworthy about these products is that these had dragon designs with tongues stretched out. Today, the online stores have brought more innovative clitoral stimulators for women who find these great for solos.


Sex Toys for Men – The Ultimate Collection


Now, let’s check out the complete list of sex toys for Men in Dubai that would be worth buying from DubaiBesharam:

Male Stroker – The male strokers come attached with lifelike vaginas of pornstars. This fulfills the wish of men in having an intercourse with pornstars.

Male Masturbation Toys – These are toys designed for men who wish to masturbate in a unique manner.

Silicone Love Doll – Sex dolls no doubt can be men’s horniest bed partners. They are so lifelike yet so attractive that men die to sleep with them.

Penis Enlarger Device – These male enhancement devices are quite safe and help in penis enlargement to a good extent. These sex accessories for males are quite easy and safe to use.

Big Artificial Vagina – With a big artificial vagina, men would just love playing with the female private parts. Just make sure to clean these products before and after use.

Boys Sex Kit – Comprising multiple erotic items like cock rings and penis sleeves, the boys sex kit is worth buying online at cheap prices.

Spider Sower Masturbator – Hands-free masturbation will now be more enjoyable and satisfactory with a Spider Sower Masturbator.

Cock Ring – Also known as penis ring, cock rings are beneficial for men who face erection issues. These rings are absolutely harmless and comfortable to wear as well.

Penis Extender Sleeve – This is a very useful sex accessory for men used to extend the size of their penis. DubaiBesharam has a wide range of penis extender sleeves.

Inflatable Love Doll – As the name says, inflatable love dolls are those which can be inflated to its real size. These dolls are made of silicone and hence quite easy to clean.

Sex Real Doll – What’s good about a sex real doll is that it has realistic features including private parts along with other body parts. Made of silicone, sex real dolls are great for giving men sexual pleasure.

Super Girl – If men are to fantasize sex on bed with hottest girls, it’s a Super Girl who will play a key role here. Check out for more Super Girls at DubaiBesharam.


Final Words


So, you see that different male sex toys are intended to meet different sexual purposes. You just need to pick the right one that would take your libido to the zenith. Visit with the help of a few clicks and browse the ‘Toys for Men’ category.

We would also like to let you know that we are selling our products not only in Dubai but also through the United Arab Emirates as well as to other nations in the Middle East.

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